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DCA was started in 1970 by a group of parents concerned about their childrens education. Ark Academy was the name of the school from 1970-74. The school first met in a small building in Olive Branch, MS, formerly Mineral Wells, on Old Hwy 78. The school then moved to its current location in August of 1973 once the building construction was complete.

The school was named by Mrs. Betty Furniss who had a vision to start a private school where children could get a quality Christian education. The name came from the Bible. God told Noah to build the Ark to save his family and others from destruction. The vision God gave her was to save the children from the dangerous direction public education was headed because of the removal of prayer from the public schools.

In 1974, the new board of directors changed the name of the school to Desoto County Academy, as it still is today.

 The purpose has always been to provide a Christian education to the children of this area.

Ø DCA is operated by a Board of Directors. The Board sets educational and business policies of the school and charges the Administrator to execute these policies and provide leadership and supervision for the faculty and staff.

Ø DCA teachers are spiritually and academically qualified. Each teacher is trained/certified, a born- again, dedicated, witnessing Christian who loves young people and has the gift of teaching them.

Ø DCA operates on the income from tuition, fees, and gifts from our families and friends. The school does not receive any government funds.